Ready, Set, Grow

Looking for a new perspective? Come on in! Annette Poechman proudly presents Ready, Set, Grow. Understand, cope and develop personal strategies for relationships and success in life. Join the list. Enjoy tomorrow!

Spring: A time for growth and change

One thing that we can all count on is the changing of the seasons.  As the days grow longer, the thermometer rises, and the birds return, we all have an opportunity to take on new challenges and make changes in our lives.  Have you considered what you would like to accomplish in the next season?  … Read more

Emotional Support

“I am a strong person but every now and then I also need someone to take my hand and say everything will be alright…” We have all had moments when we don’t feel strong and need someone, anyone to take our hand and say it will be alright.  At home, at work, in the community, … Read more

How Job Coaching Helps!

Imagine trying for over 10 years to get the job of your dreams.  Imagine pursuing education in the field. Imagine taking all the tests and just missing the mark.  Over time the hurdles to get to the interview stage are met and surpassed.  The goal is in sight.  One more hurdle to conquer.  Two interviews … Read more

January Blahs: Beat them Now!

With the holiday season a distant memory, most of us are cold and waiting for spring!  In January it is not uncommon for people to feel low, blue, and out of sorts.  It is particularly important to pay attention to how you feel and consciously take steps to beat those blahs.  Outlined below are some … Read more

Jian Ghomeshi: Raising Awareness about Sexual Violence and Abuse

Many Canadians have heard the name Jian Ghomeshi, particularly if they listen to CBC radio and the well-known program Q.  In the past few months the radio show host has been charged with allegedly sexually assaulting a number of women.  Additional allegations have been made about sexual harassment in the workplace.  Consensual,  not consensual,  who knew … Read more