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Who In Your Life Is Your Chosen Family?

Most days in my office there is a discussion about family. Family that is loved. Family that is not. Family that has done harm. Family that has died or is missing. There is much pain surrounding family. Often I talk about “chosen family”. These are the people in our lives that matter who are not … Read more

The Importance of Pets and Mental Health

We adopted a pet last fall. Our newest feline friend, Ruckus has prompted this blog post. Ruckus lowers my stress level. He is a fun companion, who at the end of a busy day (for all of us), is more than happy to curl up on my lap or head-butt my chin. It made me … Read more

Making Psychotherapy Services Tax-Free

On February 21, 2023 Bill 61, Making Psychotherapy Services Tax-Free Act was introduced into the provincial legislature for its first reading. The Bill’s aim is to remove the unfair tax treatment levied against Registered Psychotherapists who are the only regulated mental health professionals that have to charge their clients 13% HST. Since the pandemic, there … Read more

Menopause and the Impact on Mental Health

Menopause seems to be the least talked about women’s health concern. Many women suffer in silence unable to find the resources they need to help. There are many physical changes that are common knowledge – and some that are not. It’s important to note that there also significant mental changes as well. Physical Changes During … Read more

Struggling With a Negative Body Image

“Do I look fat in this dress?” is something most partners NEVER want to be asked. It is a loaded question given the diet industry and the societal pressure placed on women and men to look a particular way. Other classic, but equally disturbing phrases include: Nothing tastes as good as thin feels; A moment … Read more