Spring: A time for growth and change


One thing that we can all count on is the changing of the seasons.  As the days grow longer, the thermometer rises, and the birds return, we all have an opportunity to take on new challenges and make changes in our lives.  Have you considered what you would like to accomplish in the next season?  Many people make resolutions on January 1st, and by April they are often long forgotten.  January is a dark and cold time of the year and perhaps not the best time of year to set new goals and take on new challenges.  How do you set a goal and reach it?

1.  Be specific.  A goal like “I will exercise more” is not specific enough.  The more specific the better when it comes to goal setting.  A better goal statement is “I will walk one km three times per week after work at 5 pm”.

2.  Start small.  If you haven’t exercised, don’t start with 5 kms.  Instead start with 10 minutes or walk around the block.  Don’t plan to clean the entire house.  Instead pick a room and break it into small tasks.  For example, if you want to clean the kitchen – start with one drawer.

3.  Goals need to be measurable. If you can measure it, you will know when it is done and when to start on the next goal.

4.  Avoid long lists of things that you want to do as it can be overwhelming.  If you need to make a list, make a larger one and then break it down into things you can accomplish in a particular time frame.  Set the timer on your phone or stove and work until the timer goes off.

5.  Set goals that are attainable.  Don’t set a goal that is impossible to reach.

6.  Be realistic.  Losing 20 lbs in a month may not be realistic.  If you set goals that are not realistic, you are going to feel disappointed and run the risk of beating yourself up when you don’t reach them.

Take the time to set a goal for yourself.  Small or bigger, pick something that you really want to accomplish.  Exercise, gardening, cleaning the corner of the house that you always mean to get to, eating better – the possibilities are endless.  As you reach your goals, remember to reward yourself.  Rewards don’t have to cost much, and we all need them.  Make this season count.  Do something that you have always wanted to do.

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