Is it time to change careers? Career planning for adults

New you next exitChanging careers is not for the faint of heart.  There are significant considerations involved, and many people feel like they cannot take the risk.  Career planning for adults is not new, but with the ever changing economy taking the time to sit with a qualified third party before heading in a new direction is not only smart, but crucial.  Before embarking on this journey some questions to consider are:

1.  Do I need to change careers or is there something related to my field that would give me greater job satisfaction, more money, more time off  etc.?  Why do I want to make a career change?

2.  What factors do I need to consider when making a career change?  Some of these factors may include retraining, monetary and family responsibilities, change of work location (commuting) or moving.

3.  How close am I to retirement? Would I lose pension and benefits, and how does that impact on my family?

4.  If I could do anything what would I do? Time, money and retraining are not an issue.  Starting with the dream and working backwards towards a potential goal is an interesting and often informative way to begin.

5.  Do I want or need career testing? What is career testing?  Is my potential counsellor able to offer this service if needed?

6.  Am I changing careers or just jobs?  If it is a job change, do I need help with my resume, cover letter and interview skills?  How do I look for a job outside of my current organization? What do I know about looking for a job in the new era of social media?

Help with changing careers or jobs is just a click away or contact Annette at 905-520-5859.  With her guidance make your next move with more confidence and skill.  Listening. Guiding. Caring.