How to Set Achievable Mental Health Goals!

Happy New Year!  Each year begins with expectations of change and hope that will be better than the last.  Many people make resolutions only to find themselves not meeting their goals very early on in January. What do you want this year to bring?

Let’s talk about setting some mental health goals for 2020. Most people are concerned about weight, fitness, and overall health. That’s great! But let’s not neglect our mental health.  Read on for some ideas related to setting realistic goals for your mental health.

Goals and Ideas for Good Mental Health

  • Peace.  Who wants it? Who needs? Who doesn’t know how to get it? By peace I mean internal peace. Try being okay with who you are and being able to say “I am enough”.  There are not many of us who are at peace with ourselves. The key to unlocking peace is self-compassion and meditation.
  • Stress Reduction. Everyone needs this and if you don’t then you are one of the lucky few. Stress reduction is about managing your external stressors. Perhaps taking on less, setting healthy boundaries, knowing when you have had enough, and giving yourself time, even if it is just a moment, to recharge.
  • Sleep, Eating and Exercise.  Are you getting enough sleep? Less sleep means reduced coping skills which means stress and less peace. Do you eat enough good food, not for weight loss but for mental health. Fuel your brain with healthy foods to help cope with stress and challenges. And finally, exercise for your mental health, not for the size of your pants. Think stress reduction, self-acceptance and peace again.

If you need help in setting some mental health goals then contact me, Annette Poechman. I am a registered psychotherapist in Hamilton, with over 20 years experience helping individuals with psychotherapy and personal counselling, career counselling, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) concerns. Book an appointment online and know that you are one step closer to achieving your goals for good mental health. Listening. Guiding. Caring.