College or University: Starting off on the right foot!

Welcome week (aka Frosh week aka Orientation week) is about to kick off in a few days.  Students around the province are excited and nervous about what awaits in the next phase of their life.  They know university and college can be fun, but they have also heard about the increased workload.  Below are some tips to make the transition easier and more successful.

1. Frosh week ends when the week ends.  It does not end the middle of September or the middle of October.  Have fun during welcome week, but remember that it ends at the end of the week.  This is the first step.

2.  Purchase your textbooks prior to the term and start reading them.  Textbooks whether traditional or electronic were picked by your professor for a reason.

3.  Attend all classes.  Not going to class is like burning money.

4.  Pay attention in class.  This means no texting, no internet, no Facebook, no Instagram, no games and of course no talking.  Not paying attention is like burning more money.

5.  Attend tutorials because you can more easily ask questions there.  A large class of 300 is not the best place to ask questions.  It is intimidating and the professor has a certain amount of material that needs to be covered.   Ask questions regularly, and do not wait until the end of the term or right before an exam.

6.  Take the time to get to know people in residence if you live in one.  They will become a resource for you as you progress through the year.  If you do not live in residence, reach out to others in your class.  Join a club or group.  Social connections are important at school.

For assistance with academic learning skills, transitioning to university or personal counselling contact Annette Poechman.  Listening, Guiding, Caring.