What Career Counselling is and is NOT…

Adult Career Counselling is…

also known as career exploration, career development, vocational counselling, career planning and career satisfaction. It helps an individual examine the inter-related issues of occupation, education and life and includes:

  • defining strengths and weaknesses
  • identifying interests and values
  • exploring transferrable skills, abilities, and personality

Conversations with career changers often begin with an adult voicing displeasure or unhappiness with their current career. Perhaps there is not enough money, not enough or too much responsibility, the job doesn’t fit their personality or lifestyle, or burn out is near. These are all valid concerns. Adult Career Counselling involves the client making a commitment to do the work along the road to self-fulfillment and satisfaction. There are no short cuts, magic wands, or silver bullets. Learn more about this type of counselling from the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.

What it is NOT…

It is a service not a placement agency. Career Counsellors don’t have inside information on job postings or connections to certain industries. What they do have is the knowledge and experience to guide, assist and care about the process of self-discovery. Learn more about Annette. Book an appointment with Annette.

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